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Celebrating Your Two Year Old’s Birthday

April 16,2018

Congratulations! Your child is turning 2 and you will officially be living with a toddler! At this point, you’re probably looking for some ideas to make their birthday party perfect. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Your Child’s Needs at Two

At age two, your child is probably going to do his or her own thing. At some time during the party, they will play with the other kids and at other times, they will just want to be stuck to mom and dad. It is still hard for them to understand the concept of sharing. It takes kids a little bit of time to understand the give and take and how to interact with other kids peacefully. That’s why a party at this age is really more about celebrating the people your child and your family are especially close to, not inviting a ton of kids for their enjoyment. So try to keep it small and simple.

When to Schedule The Party

If you’re one of the lucky ones, your child is still taking a nap at this point. Chances are most of his or her little friends have the same schedule. It’s best to schedule things like a party in the morning or late afternoon. Remember that they are still so little and can only last an hour or two. So keep the party short and sweet and outside of naptime. It will make things a lot more enjoyable for everyone.

Where to Celebrate

At this age, it’s great to have a party indoors in an enclosed area. A lot of great places, including We Rock The Spectrum Davie, provide a facility where the kids can play and you can organize your party how you see fit. You can keep your party short, simple and private. Plus you have help setting up and cleaning up. This frees you up to enjoy your child’s birthday celebration with your family and friends.

Should We Have a Theme?

Kids love a party centered around their favorite character. It’s definitely not necessary, but if you want to have a theme, you don’t need much. A few things that have to do with the character is plenty. Keep the decorations simple and skip the elaborate goodie bags. If you use a gym or play area, you don’t even need to supply other games or entertainment.

Birthday Food

This falls under scheduling, but if you want to keep your party simple, make sure not to plan it around your toddler’s meal time. That way, a couple snacks and drinks will be enough. If you are serving lunch or dinner, just keep whatever food you have in bite size pieces. You can use cookie cutters for a lot of things like sandwiches and fruit. That will keep the pieces small and fun for the kids. Be sure to avoid foods that are choking hazards for small children.

Gift Ideas

Kids at this age are really happy with simple toys. At this point, they may start getting into dress up. So costumes make a great gift! You can also give them art supplies, toys they can push or pull, puzzles, books, or toys for playing outdoors. Save the gift opening for when you get home with the family. That way your child can open them and enjoy playing with them on the spot. Just make sure to send a special thank you to each gift giver.

Your child only turns two once, so make sure it is enjoyable for all of you and not stressful. Ask a family member to be the designated photographer or hire someone to capture the special day for you. Photographs of the celebration are the best gift to yourself and your family. Then relax and have a great time celebrating your toddler!