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How To Have The Perfect Birthday Party For Your One Year Old

February 1,2018

This post is going to be a part of our birthday party series.  Parents are always asking us how to have a great party for their child and what is appropriate for their age.  Here are a few tips for your baby’s birthday party when they turn one year old:

  •  Babies will enjoy all the fun, but the first birthday is more of a party for adults who are celebrating their first year of parenthood.  So if you’re inviting lots of babies, make sure to keep the party at two hours or less.
  • Pick a time that works best for baby’s nap time.  Although all kids aren’t the same, babies at this age tend to take naps around the same time.  So make sure to schedule around that.
  • Don’t worry about elaborate games.   Just sing a few songs together in circle time or if you’re outdoors, blow bubbles with the kids.  You can even just have a little puppet show to captivate them.
  • If you want your baby to remember the day, take a ton of pictures, especially at cake time.  The pictures will give them the best memory from that day.
  • No need to bother with a lot of decorations.  Avoid balloons because they cause a choking hazard if popped.  Just keep it simple.
  • Make sure to have a completely baby proofed area for your party.
  • If you can use a place that has a baby/toddler area with appropriate toys, that will keep your kids busy and provide the only entertainment they need.


A baby part doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive event.  But if you want to make it a party for adults, then by all means, go all out!  Just make sure that if you have the birthday child there that you make it baby friendly and make it short and sweet!