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Show Your Kids Love All Year Long

February 13,2018

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it’s a great time to show others how much we care for them.  There are so many ways we can do this, especially for our kids.  But it’s even better to do it all year long! You can use the five love languages to help you come up with great ways to show them how much you love them, because everyone gives and receives love in so many different ways. Love is an action, not just a feeling! You can show them you love them through positive and affirming words,  you can spend time with them, you can do something for them, you can give them something, and you can  show them through physical touch.

Here are 10 fun ideas for showing your kids how much you care:

Write your child little love notes for their lunch boxes or desks at home.  Write something you love about each of your kids and stick them to their bedroom doors.

Tell your kids they are marvelous,  chivalrous, stunning, brilliant, breath-taking, gracious or extraordinary. Not only will they feel good, but hearing these positive words might be a vocabulary lesson for them too!

Make a special date with each of your kids.  Maybe a picnic and playtime at the park  or a dinner and a movie date. Take a painting class together.  It’s something they will look forward to and special one-on-one time with each kid will show them how important and loved they are.

Make something special for your child.  Even if you’re not crafty, your kids won’t care.  They love to get homemade stuff from people, especially their parents.  Color a picture for them or find something on Pinterest that you can make for them.  It won’t take a lot of time, but they will be so thrilled!

Do your kids do chores? If you’re one of the lucky parents that have kids that help out around the house a lot, I’m sure they will be over the moon if you fold their clothes for them one day or save them from taking out the garbage.  They need to learn responsibility, but getting a break from it one day won’t hurt and they will be so appreciative.

Give your kids something you really treasure.  You can give them a special photo, a piece of jewelry, or something your own grandmother crocheted.  Whatever it is will feel truly special to them if you share with them how special it is to you.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be the only day to give those you love things to make them feel special.   It’s a wonderful day to celebrate, but we can forget how important it is to show our kids our love through actions, as opposed to buying them candy or other things that aren’t really valuable.   The most fun Valentine’s Day is the one that lasts all year and the best gifts are the special moments and memories you make with your kids.  Those things are priceless!